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Introducing YU Learn

This Fall, York University will accelerate and modernize the employee experience with 21st century learning practices and technologies already benefitting York students. Led by HR and UIT, York's digital workplace and employees' experiences will be transformed by the introduction of YU Learn, York’s first employee Learning Management System. Employees and managers will more purposefully and easily navigate careers, develop skills and build performance: by registering for, tracking, and recommending learning opportunities, as well as working towards digital credentials and program certificates. 

Starting in September 2021, all courses offered by Talent Acquisition & Development (TAD) will be posted using YU Learn. For a short time, other learning providers will continue to use the York Employee Learning Calendar or their previous means of offering courses.

To get started, watch the videos below, review the Quick Guides, and then log in to YU Learn and explore!

Quick Guide for Employees (PDF)

For more detailed documentation and the latest YU Learn news, visit the Staff & Faculty page.

Quick Guide for Managers (PDF)

For more detailed documentation and the latest YU Learn news, visit the Managers & HRBPs page.

YU Learn is a product of the UIT Innovation Lab and Organizational Learning & People Excellence, HR, with input and contributions from employee learning & development providers at all levels across the University.