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What's New in YU Learn 3.0?

What's New in YU Learn 3.0?

YU Learn 3.0 introduces program management!

Learners can now register and follow certificate programs directly in YU Learn and monitor their progress through a program over time.

Your Employee Learning and Development team is busily preparing popular programs like Emerging Leaders U and the Digital Workplace Series. Watch for our announcement when registration opens on Tuesday, September 20.

For more about locating, registering, and following programs, please continue reading below.

YU Learn 3.0 also includes some bug fixes and many minor enhancements to existing features.

A manager's drop down list of employees on the learning history page
Managers now have quicker access to their employees’ learning histories: from any learning history page, you’ll find a menu to select anyone from your team.

Get Started with Programs

To locate and browse available programs:

  1. Go to the Learning Opportunities page
  2. Click the new Programs tab
  3. Click the plus + sign to see the full program description, course requirements and schedule
The programs list on the Learning Opportunities page

Follow a Series

In a series program, you register separately for each course at a time that works for you. Once you’ve met the series requirements, you’ll receive a certificate.

To follow a series, click Add to Dashboard

Register for a Cohort

In a cohort program, you work simultaneously through a series of courses with a group. Before registering, please ensure you are available for all scheduled courses.

To register for a cohort, click Register

YU Learn automatically registers you into the required courses and sends a notification to your manager.

Cohort programs are visible only while the registration period is open.

Locate Your Program Pages

When you register or follow a program, YU Learn adds a program page to your dashboard to help you monitor your progress.

  1. On your YU Learn dashboard, click on My programs
  2. Click the View Program button to open the program page

The program page shows the program overview, requirements, and your current status on all the courses.

  • Please wait a week after attending a scheduled session for your status to appear as “complete,” to give the learning provider time to mark attendance
  • Your course status also depends on the program’s validity period: if you attended a course several years ago, you might have to retake it to count toward the program
The program tab on the YU Learn dashboard
Program page
Your program page shows your status on the courses required to earn a certificate. For a series program, you must register for each course yourself, and can do so from this page. For a cohort program, you may have to register yourself into optional courses, if there are any.

Register for Courses

Scroll down on the program page to see the available course sessions. These might be sessions that count toward a series, or optional sessions for a cohort program.

Locate the courses you want to participate in and click Register.

Available sessions list on a program page