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CineSiege 2006

Gail Singer

Gail Singer is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter whose works have been presented worldwide at festivals, in theatres and on television.

Her credits include dozens of films on a wide range of topics and in various genres, including feature-length fiction and documentary, television and IMAX productions. Among her productions are the films Watching Movies, Portrait of the Artist as anĀ Old Lady and Wisecracks, and sequences in the IMAX films Blue Planet and Destiny in Space.

Singer has directed films in the UK, South America, Japan, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, Nepal and Israel as well as Toronto, where she taught at York University for nine years. She also writes onĀ popular culture for magazines and newspapers.

She recently participated in a collaborative installation at Harbourfront Centre and is currently developing a multicultural kitchen museum for the City of Toronto.

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