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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Design

Master of Arts (MA), Master of Design (MDes)

The Graduate Program in Design is distinguished by its emphasis on design research through practice and its interdisciplinary approach to graphic design. Our degrees are built around the introduction and application of design research methods: In the first term we emphasize disciplinary inquiry that can be used to expand the possibilities of how we think about visual communication, and in the second term we emphasize human-centred methods that attempt to address many of the vexing issues facing society today. Our students learn rigorous processes that question, analyze, and interpret the role of design in contemporary culture and society.


MA in Design Research is on pause for Fall 2024 and Fall 2025.

Special Opportunities

Conference participation

Dialogues with accomplished national and international visitors

Stimulating field trips

Featured Faculty

I chose the York MDes program because I saw the benefits of doing a Masters degree within a larger research institution with a multitude of different resources and supports. What I really enjoy about the program is that it is largely self-directed. It is a playground where you are allowed to ruminate on your ideas, explore possibilities, and shape your academic experience based on your interests. Your instructors provide you with guidance to put you on the right path but that path is largely constructed by you.

Rupsha Mutsuddi
MDes candidate in the Graduate Program in Design

Picture of Rupsha Mutsuddi

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The Graduate Program in Design at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Student Program Assistant to learn more.