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MBA/MA | MBA/MFA Joint Program

Combined Masters in Arts/ Fine Arts and Business Administration (MBA/MA or MBA/MFA): The Schulich School of Business in partnership with the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) at York University offers a unique combined graduate degree in Fine Arts and Business.

Building upon the knowledge derived from their studies in both the MA/MFA and MBA programs, graduates of the Combined MBA/MA or MBA/MFA Programs gain discipline expertise and the ability to integrate the knowledge gained from studies in each of the graduate programs to bring a unique perspective on, and understanding of, management in the cultural sector.

All students will develop a strong functional knowledge in all core areas within the MBA Program and will have additional in-depth knowledge in one or more functional areas. Graduates will have strong leadership and collaborative skills; strategic thinking skills; the ability to solve problems in a holistic manner; the ability to manage change; and an understanding of the social, political and cultural context for decision-making.

There are 8 terms in total for the joint program

  • Terms 1-3 (Fall 1 / Winter 1 / Summer 1): MA / MFA
  • Terms 4-5 (Fall 2 / Winter 2): Schulich
  • Term 6 (Summer 2): MA / MFA
  • Term 7 (Fall 3): Schulich
  • Term 8 (Winter 3): MA / MFA

For more information about the joint degree program, please visit the Schulich website.

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