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Social Marketing
Introduction to Social Marketing
Chapter 1 Kotler&Roberto Social Marketing
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What is Social Marketing and Why Study it?
Skim the web-page material and look over the textbook. We will talk about what Social Marketing is, what it isn't, and how you want to spend your semester exploring the issue. We also will form groups; if you're not here today, you will need to form a group next week with others who come late. 

Traditional versus Social Marketing 
in ads for three different product classes


Traditional Ad Social Marketing Ad Not Social Marketing
Camel Cigarettes The Lung Association Panasonic Batteries
Weird ad, but still just selling cigarettes Copy says: "Having A little trouble quitting smoking?"

The organization is using marketing techniques to promote a socially good issue (quitting smoking)

Uses the environmental issue to sell their product

The organization is just using a social issue (protecting the environment) to promote its own product: NOT social marketing)

Drinking Alcohol

Traditional Ad Social Marketing Ad
Heineken March of Dimes
It's just selling beer Encouraging you not to drink (or smoke) during pregnancy


Traditional Ad Social Marketing Ad
Mars' Snickers bar Canadian Diabetes Association
Copy says "7:48 pm What's an 8 letter word for hunger satisfaction? Snickers, of course." Telling you that age is a major factor in diabetes, asking you to get tested.

Other Units

Introduction Effecting Change Social Marketing Plan Environment Product
Place Costs Promotion Action/Service Influence Groups

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