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Membership 2011-12

Glenn Craney, Executive Director, OIRA and Joanne Duklas, AVP Enrolment Management and University Registrar (Co-chairs)

Peter Cribb, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, FSE
David Leyton-Brown, Master, Calumet College
Kim Michasiw, Associate Dean, Curriculum and Enrolment, LA&PS
Julie Parna, Director, Admissions Assessment and Processing
Sabita Ramlal, Manager, Enrolment Planning & Professional Studies, LA&PS
David Smith, Director, Management Information, OIRA
Tobi Strohan, Director, Recruitment, Marketing and Communications, Glendon
Stan Taman, Director, Registrarial Enterprise Initiatives, AVP EM and University Registrar
Mario Verrilli, Academic Planning and Budget Officer, VPA & P


  • Consider/add Entrance questionnaire
  • Participate in 2010/11 BSSE
  • Consider/participate in other Surveys: NSSE, 1st Generation
  • Consider what others surveys are needed (e.g. Exit survey)?
  • Focus on developing a holistic research agenda for the Retention Council over the next several years in support of goals
  • Identify gaps in research
  • Study longitudinal data to allow us to see what initiatives are working best