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Year to Year

Membership 2011-2012

Don Murdoch, Assistant Director, Academic Advising, Faculty of LA&PS (Chair)

Jennifer Bramer, Director, Career Centre
Donna Cope, Director, Print and E Media Communications
Robin Edmison, Account Director, Marketing and Communications
Mike Kasaboski, Orientation & Student Experience Assistant, SC&LD
Polly MacFarlane, Director, Personal & Crisis Counselling & Learning Skills
Hart Murdoch, Student
Karen Warner, Manager, Scholarships & Bursaries, SFS
Bart Zemanek, Academic and Travel Coordinator, Sport & Recreation


  • Play a coordinating role in the organization and promotion of events during Fall Co-curricular Week (FCW) with a particular focus on those events that help support student transition and retention.
  • Conduct surveys of (FCW) participants to assist in future planning.
  • Provide input to other groups on campus (e.g. Senate ASCP) involved in FCW planning.
  • Investigate long-term planning roles and responsibilities for FCW.
  • Identify and examine issues facing students in the transition from year to year - e.g. undecided majors/changing majors.
  • Focus on those benefits/obstacles that influence transition from first to second year. How can we improve our retention?