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York Sitemap Strategy & Content Buckets

York Sitemap Strategy & Content Buckets

We are pleased to share York's updated sitemap strategy and content buckets. After internal review of all our websites, there are some new recommended ways to create sitemaps at our institution. These are created both at the local level (when you create pages for your website) and on the institutional level (when creating a new website on our multi-site environment). In the doc below you will learn more about why sitemaps are important from an SEO lens, how it improves websites, the larger institutional strategy, best practices for creating your local sitemap, and content buckets you can use on your website.

Read and learn more about the full sitemap strategy

Note: this strategy is for future development, and it is not required to backtrack editing. However if there are easy ways to update some pages, or environments with this, that will also not effect operations, feel free to complete. We will also be sending in the new year out some more information on how to submit sitemaps to Google to further improve SEO and searchability so stay tuned.

As always if you have any questions please reach out to Jason and Tayo at or join us for our weekly drop-in sessions for hands-on support, taking place every Wed. at 1:30pm. Invite link can be found here: LINK

Hope you all have a great holiday break and thanks for your continued support in our website optimization.

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