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Community Report

This community report was co-written by a group of community residents from both St. James Town and Jane and Finch who participated in the project alongside researchers from York University. These are the voices and insights of community residents. We have chosen to call those who took part in the project “resident photographers”. While our conversations started with greenspaces, this was an entry point to discuss broader issues.

The community report highlights these themes and makes recommendations that were put forward by us, as community members, to create equitable, just, safe, and health-promoting greenspaces. This community report is the result of months of collaborative work and provides a snapshot of the important conversations we had around racialized realities in greenspaces in Toronto.

Download the Report | Executive Summary

Resources and Publications

If you cannot access these publications, please send us an email and we can send them to you directly. We are still writing - Please continue to check back for upcoming publications.

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Community Resources

Jane Finch Community Research Partnership (JFCRP).