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District Energy Plant


The whole concept behind co-generation at York is to increase our resource efficiency and lower operating costs. Co-generation uses a single fuel source, natural gas, to produce electricity and heat. Co-generation is a cheaper alternative than simply purchasing electricity and heat separately, because it makes use of the “waste” heat that would normally be expelled in the process. In York’s case, for every 1 kilowatt of electricity which is produced, approximately 1.6 kilowatts of heat is generated. York’s co-generation plant has two gas turbines. Each turbine turns a generator that produces around 5,000 Kilowatts of electricity at 13.8 kilovolts. The plant produces approximately 60% of Keele Campus’ electricity requirements. The remaining 40% is purchased.


The recovered heat from the cogeneration plant has many uses. One of them is to produce cold water, which we use to cool the buildings in the summer.

High Pressure Steam

We also warm the domestic hot water (the water you shower & wash your hands in) from the recovered heat.

Boiler Feed Water

Another use from the recovered heat is to heat the swimming pool & heat the buildings during winter.