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Canadian Language Museum

Experience language come to life. Through lively, immersive online and in-house exhibits, you’ll gain an appreciation for the constantly changing landscapes of languages spoken across Canada — and their essential role in our country’s development.

Explore our rich and varied language heritage, including English and French (and their regional dialects), Indigenous languages from coast to coast and the many languages brought here by more recent immigrants.

Join our conversations about issues at the heart of the future of Canadian society, such as bilingualism, multilingualism, language endangerment, preservation and revitalization. You’ll discover a world of language beyond words.

We are located in the Glendon Gallery, adjacent to the historical Glendon Manor, at the heart of the campus.


Canadian Language Museum, Glendon College

2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto ON M4N 3M6

647 785 1012