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Why is Glendon a smart choice for you?

Students work at computers.

Internship opportunities are guaranteed to all students in all programs, to help prepare you for your career.

We provide you with a truly bilingual and welcoming language-learning environment, which sets you apart in the workplace.

We're a small campus that allows for close connections with professors and classmates, which makes your transition to university easier.

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Virtual Tour

Our picturesque campus is located in a safe and protected parkland environment in midtown Toronto. Take a look for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

For a more immersive experience, book an in-person or virtual campus tour with a student ambassador or view our 3D tour.

“Welcome to Glendon! Our campus has a long history as York University’s founding campus and one of its 11 faculties, and is situated in the heart of Toronto, a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis. Glendon will offer you a bilingual education that will help you stand out and make a positive change in the world."

Marco Fiola, Principal,
Glendon Campus

Hands-On Experience

Build Your Skills

Get hands-on experience in any of our programs by putting the theory you’ve learned in the classroom into practice in the real world. From guest lectures, internships, work placement courses to opportunities to study abroad, all Glendon programs offer experiential learning opportunities. 

By becoming a Glendonite, you’ll be studying in Canada’s cultural and economic engine. A world-class city, and fourth largest in North America, Toronto is a home to many of the world’s most prominent businesses, industries, NGOS, and financial institutions.

Career & Skills Development Centre

Benefit from our various career events to network, discover the job market and possibly find your next job.

Our annual bilingual career fair is where you can meet hiring managers, network with Glendon alumni and like-minded students, improve your résumé and get a professional headshot – all in one place.

  • 95% of Glendon students surveyed agreed with the statement: “I am confident I will graduate with the knowledge and skills I need to be successful in the job market.”
  • 88% of employers are satisfied and very satisfied with Glendon students

Glendon Digital Media Lab

Access cutting-edge tech equipment and explore your digital and media creativity and talent through extracurricular projects and workshops.


Glendon entrepreneuriat et innovation à l’international, or GENIAL, is a bilingual training program with online resources, workshops, conferences, business model competitions, an incubation program and other opportunities.

Study Abroad

Glendon offers three times more international exchanges than the national average and more than 300 international partnerships that reflect our own diversity. We also offer courses in France, the Netherlands, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, the United States and at our EcoCampus in Costa Rica, that are often available in the Summer. Prepare for a global career through international exchanges, global internships, or internationally focused courses.

Drive Your Own Research

Glendon is vibrant with research. We offer students lots of freedom to collaborate and explore their fields of interest, right at the undergrad level. All of this crucial work is supported with grants, fellowships and awards. Discover our work and help us make a positive impact on the world.

Top Scholars

Incoming high school students who have earned top marks are celebrated in the Glendon Top Scholars community with special perks. Members can participate in the Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and can conduct research with a professor immediately in their first year.


Take action on the major local and global challenges: g21 is an inclusive mutual learning and teaching environment for Glendon students, instructors, mentors, coaches, experts and community partners. This incubator is inspired by the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for global partnerships to help people and the planet achieve peace and prosperity. The program encourages participants to engage socially and civically in what is important for them today and tomorrow.

Meet our student researchers

Glendon fosters a dynamic environment of innovative research at all levels. Our students are undertaking work in and outside the classroom and are outstanding in their fields.

Programs, Certificates & Graduate Studies

Our immersive and hands-on programs are designed to give you the competencies you need to succeed. You will develop a well-rounded academic base, plus sought-after skills – critical thinking, research, and communications – that are prized in today’s global job market. Our grads have the language credentials and international perspectives that set them apart in the workplace.

We are the ONLY university campus in Canada to offer bilingual or trilingual International Bachelor degrees across all of our programs.

If you pursue an Honours BA or BSc at Glendon, you may jointly pursue an Honours Minor program offered at the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, and the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, except where a similar minor is offered at Glendon.

Whether you’re interested in Business & Economics; Education; Government & Law; Human & Social Sciences; Languages, Culture & Translation; or Sciences, we have the program that fits your needs.

New Cognitive Neuropsychology Stream

Earn valuable hands-on experience with the Cognitive Neuropsychology Stream, now proudly offered within the Glendon Psychology program. You’ll study the relationship between the brain and behaviour in this opportunity that co-ordinates practical research opportunities between Glendon students and affiliated hospitals and health centres such as the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care.

Dual Degree – International Studies & emlyon business school (France)

Get the chance to study for two years in Glendon’s flagship International Studies program, followed by two years at France’s #1 business incubator, the emlyon business school. This program allows you to combine a business education with a liberal arts background, bonified by Glendon’s trademark excellence in French-language training and international experience.

Drama and Creative Arts

Glendon’s new Honours BA in Drama and Creative Arts allows students to specialize in either Drama or Visual Arts, with a personalized blend of classroom study and studio/performance opportunities. You will build practical skills through hands-on projects in the Glendon Theatre and Visual Arts studios using professional-grade lighting, sound and multimedia technologies. There is no portfolio required as part of the admission process. 

Bachelor of Education Option for Future FSL Teachers

Addressing a provincial need to prepare more well-qualified French as a Second Language teachers, York University’s Faculty of Education at Glendon offers a Bachelor of Education for future FSL teachers in a concurrent degree program. Glendon’s bilingual campus and excellence in language education provide the ideal setting for this program, while French immersion placements set the program apart.

Students work at computers.

Business Economics

Come learn about economic theory and its application to business analysis. You’ll consider questions such as why some companies are more successful than others, which industries will be growing fastest over the next few years, and whether investors should move their money from debt to equity. All while building connections in Toronto – the economic engine of our country!


The only active translation program in Ontario, it addresses a significant shortage of English and French translators in Canada. Our graduates work for the United Nations, the Government of Canada, law firms, publishing houses, and more. Students from our program have recently won 1st and 2nd place awards at the national Translation Games.

Pathways to the world!

Kristen Pennington.

From Glendon to law school

“I wanted to go to law school and the courses were just so incredible. I remember taking Popular Trials and covering these trials that changed the landscape of Canadian law and thinking “Wow!”. It was so affirming of my decision to go to law school and it put me head and shoulders above the other kids in my class when I made it to law school, so that [Law and Social Thought] certificate program was very unique.”

- Kristen Pennington, Canadian Studies and Women's Studies, 2011
Partner at McMillan LLP, practicing Employment and Privacy Law

From Glendon to medical school

“By far, my most memorable experience at Glendon was working with Professor Radu Guiasu. He’s an award-winning teacher, renowned researcher and prolific writer, having published many academic articles and even published two books with a third one on the way. I had the opportunity of doing research with him during my last two years of undergrad and we even managed to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. I highly recommend getting involved in research if you have the chance.”

-Mark Labib, Biology, 2019, medical student

Glendon–Schulich 4+1 Pathway

To help prepare you for management roles, Glendon has partnered with York University’s Schulich School of Business to offer the 4+1 Pathway to Master of Management (MMgt). High-achieving students can build on their four-year undergraduate program of choice with the one-year MMgt degree, which provides a solid base in management fundamentals.

Research & Innovation

Glendon is vibrant with research. We offer students lots of freedom to collaborate and explore their fields of interest, right at the undergrad level. All of this crucial work is supported with grants, fellowships and awards.

Discover our work and help us make a positive impact on the world.

Meet Your Professors

At Glendon, you’ll learn from exceptional engaged professors, who all speak both English and French, and have your personal well-being and academic success at heart. Their research and work directly informs their teaching, to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and information. With their many accomplishments and active research, they’re working in their fields and are excited to share that knowledge with you.

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Here are some of the amazing professors you will meet at Glendon.

History for Today's World

How do we go from the world as seen in Assassin’s Creed and Bridgerton to the one we live in now? Learn from award-winning professors in Canadian, European and Latin American history. We are excited to add a new suite of courses in African history with the arrival of professor Rose Ndengue – an expert on African decolonization and Black feminism. Interested in practical experiences at institutions such as the Aga Khan Museum and the City of Toronto Archives? Consider our Certificate in Public History.

Field Work Opportunities in Biology

Fascinated by nonhuman primates and in understanding the complexities of competition and co-operation within social groups? Primate behavioural ecologist Valérie Schoof’s research explores the costs and benefits of male dominance in these animals. Passionate about field work? Laura McKinnon’s work takes you out of the classroom to explore the Glendon forest grounds while studying the ecology and evolution of migratory birds. Even during the pandemic, Professor Charles-Antoine Rouyer, an urban ecology specialist, was able to start broadcasting a live field trip thanks to the Academic Innovation Fund at York.

Learn more about our Biology program.

Critical Thought in Communications

Alison Harvey – whose dynamic research focuses on inclusivity, justice and accessibility in digital culture, with an emphasis on games, social media platforms and creative work – is a sought-after assistant professor of communications at Glendon. The author of Gender, Age, and Digital Games in the Domestic Context (2015, Routledge) and Feminist Media Studies (2019, Polity), Harvey is committed to critical community-engaged scholarship.

Maya Chacaby.

Indigenous Expertise in Sociology

Teaching linguistics at Glendon for over 10 years, Maya Chacaby is now part of the Glendon Sociology Department. Chacaby is Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Autochtone from the Kaministiqua region; a proficient speaker of her language, Anishinaabemowin; a traditional ceremonial person; two-spirited, an anti-colonial writer; a human-trafficking survivor; a former street kid; dyslexic; a provincial policy analyst; and (most importantly) a pro-gamer.

Bilingual entrepreneurship and innovation training

Discover how far entrepreneurship can take you! Associate Professor Angelo Dossou-Yovo teaches management and entrepreneurship courses in the new Glendon/emlyon Dual Degree program in International Studies and Business Administration. He is passionate about the growth process of small businesses, innovation systems and international entrepreneurship. Dr. Dossou-Yovo’s loves to help students innovate and become entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurial Skills Passport (ESP), a bilingual entrepreneurship and innovation training program offered through Glendon’s unique initiative GENIAL (Glendon ENtrepreneuriat et Innovation À L'international) that he created.

Your Language Advantage

Glendon is a leader in bilingual teaching and research in Toronto.

Hear about the benefits of bilingualism from Glendon students and alumni.

Aidan reclaimed his French-Canadian heritage at Glendon. By 4th year, he was able to take all his classes in French.

Learn more about myths and facts of language learning, and how Glendon supports your language learning journey. 

Anna came in as a francophone transfer student from an English-only university. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect with a French-speaking community from all around the world at Glendon.

As an immersion student, Mara found lots of opportunities to use and improve her French while working on campus, such as making YouTube videos and leading doing campus tours in French, not to mention attending events in French.

Bilingual Benefits

  •  A second language can be a significant advantage in an interconnected world. 
  • A worldwide focus on public health and environmental issues calls for more bilingual graduates who can work in the science professions.
  • If you’re looking to impact the world through a global career, there is an increased need for a multilingual workforce. The ability to conduct business in more than one language is becoming critical.
  • There are great opportunities in Toronto for bilingual positions and these candidates are in demand.

Bilinguals often hold higher positions and earn better incomes than monolinguals in the same industry. Our goal is to help you reach an intermediate level of proficiency in a second Canadian official language by graduation, even with little to no experience at the start.

Language Learning Supports

No matter what level you’re at, we have lots of resources to help support your language journey at Glendon. Put your language skills into practice with these supports.

  • At the Language Training Centre for Studies in French, we help you meet Glendon’s bilingual requirements and successfully complete your program courses taught in French. If you are starting at the basic level, you would take only one FSL course per semester. 
  • The Salon Francophone is a popular place to meet friends. It’s staffed with Glendon students who support you with your conversational French.
  • The ESL Open Learning Centre offers support in English language, writing and academic skills.
  • Hola! Study, read and enjoy speaking the language at the Spanish Resource Centre, which organizes workshops, film screenings, seminars and other cultural events.

Personalized Experience

Our small and safe campus makes it easier for you to transition to university and succeed academically.

On average, there are 26 students per class, which is less intimidating and allows you to know everyone in your courses. Our profs will get to know you by your name and you’ll have the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with them. Studying side by side with experts in their fields will have a great influence on your academic choices and success.

Glendon Campus provides you with the social, academic and wellness supports you need to succeed. With many orientation activities to start you off on the right foot, we offer a personalized experience where you really matter!

Safe, welcoming and fun

For its size, Toronto is a city where you can feel at ease everywhere you go and it was ranked 2nd 'safest city' in the world for 2021 by The Economist. 

Diversity is our strength – 48% of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada, making our city a truly multicultural and multilingual hub.

Explore Toronto’s unique neighbourhoods freely to sample international cuisine, cheer on one of our professional sports teams, take in our museums; all while calling Toronto your home away from home.

“Glendon offered me the small classroom environment and unique academic curriculum that allowed me to build very strong relationships with professors who also became mentors, allowed me to explore various interests and ultimately discover my passion through the many research and experiential learning opportunities that were made available. All these factors played a crucial role in making my grad school application stand out.”

Emma, Biology, 2019

Student Life

Enjoy the park-like natural environment of our campus and the company of a diverse, close-knit community of students from over 100 countries. Join a club, explore Toronto and take advantage of all the features Glendon offers. One of these unique features is peer mentorship. Thanks to the size of our community, we match every new student with an upper year student to make for an easier transition.

Students hanging a Pride flag.

Student-Run Clubs & Organizations

With 30+ academic, cultural and linguistic clubs at Glendon and 300+ at Keele campus to choose from, you can satisfy your passion or explore a new one.

Glendon Athletic Club (GAC)

The GAC is a 55,000-square-foot, newly renovated full-use fitness facility on Glendon campus, complete with a pool, indoor driving range, boxing and group cycling studios, and outdoor tennis courts. Did you know that the GAC was the first practice facility of the World Champion Toronto Raptors?


Live just a short walk from class. Residence rooms are guaranteed to all first-year students who apply before June, with 90% of those being single rooms! Upper-year students, also called Dons, who live in the buildings plan activities and provide support and resources. The residences just got $10 Million in renovations so it is a great time to move in!

Our Vibrant Arts Scene

Showcase your talents at Lunik Co-op, our student-owned, student-operated café. Participate or take in a show at Théâtre Glendon put on by Lion Heart Productions, a company of student directors, stage managers and actors. Glendon Dance Team performs everything from hip hop to tap to soca.

From Glendon...to anywhere you want

Our 17,000+ alumni are working in diverse fields and contributing to communities across the globe. Our grads have the language credentials and global thinking that set them apart in the workplace. Transferable skills make for interesting career paths as seen by these 10 recent graduates who followed their passions

Alumni NameFromTo
Shawna CoxonBA PsychologyDeputy Commissioner - Law enforcement
Katherine AquinoBA CommunicationsProduct Designer - Silicon Valley
Kevin BourneBA Political ScienceCreative Director - Founder of a public relations agency
Mark LabibBSc BiologyStudent - Medical school
Madeline Della MoraBA Linguistics & Language StudiesDigital Media Manager - Recruitment and staffing (got a bilingual job right after graduation)
Mikhaela Gray-BeermanBA EnglishResearcher and educator - Human rights
Mouhamed DialloBA EconomicsAnalyst - Financial services
Clinton Jang-NaruseBA Mathematics and French Studies BEdAssistant Curriculum Leader - Education
Juan Luis GarridoBA Drama Studies & SociologyDigital Strategist - Marketing agency
Adrienne ArzagaBA International StudiesFacilitator Assistant - Youth development (got a bilingual job right after graduation)

Meet Our Students

Want to hear about Glendon directly from a current student? You can do so by booking time for a virtual connect through the Glendon Student Virtual Network. Students from a variety of our programs are available to chat with you and share about life at Glendon.

Get immersed in vibrant green spaces and a welcoming bilingual atmosphere! Tours are highly recommended if you are applying to university in the next year or two. Book now.

Get familiar with all Glendon has to offer.
We’d love to meet you!

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  • March Break U – March 14-18, 2022
  • Experience Glendon: Spring Open House – April 2-3, 2022

For more events and sessions with the recruitment team, please visit our future students page: https://www.glendon.yorku.ca/futurestudents/connect-and-visit/campus-visits-and-events/

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