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Community Consultation

After recommendations were presented to Glendon’s Faculty Council on April 22, 2022 a broader consultation process will take place. Ongoing consultation will be happening within the York community and Faculty members, instructors, staff and students will be engaged.

Glendon’s Principal to Meet with Various Departments

Meetings with Glendon’s Principal are held in April and May, 2022.

Faculty Council meeting

A presentation of the proposed strategic direction of Glendon College takes place on April 22, 2022.

The Glendon Town Hall

The community has the opportunity to share their thoughts on the repositioning at a Town Hall on May 13, 2022.

Engagement with the Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee and other York University Senate Committees as appropriate

Recommendations are presented to the committee for discussion at a virtual meeting in spring.

Engagement with Keele-based Faculties and Programs

Consultations with Faculties and programs that intersect with Glendon College will take place in the Summer and Fall of 2022.

Update for the Alumni Community

The principal of Glendon to co-host an event on the new strategic direction on June 9.

Additional documents

More information on community consultation materials is available here.