Mapping the Future of Glendon College

Glendon College is York University’s founding campus. Established in 1966, Glendon continues to play a vital role in upholding Canada’s principles of bilingualism and biculturalism in higher education.

Since fall 2021, Glendon has been engaged in a repositioning exercise. As the first assessment of its kind to happen in decades, Faculties, staff, students, alumni and other community members have been engaged in a thoughtful consultation process.

To ensure that students receive a high-quality education that encompasses cross cultural communication in a plurilingual living and learning environment, the revisioning exercise will establish a new strategic direction for Glendon that aligns with the University Academic Plan.

glendon campus from above

Engaging the Community

Fall Term

A final proposal for restructuring Glendon’s academic departments made its way through collegial governance processes:

Nov 3: proposal received at Special Glendon Faculty Council

Nov 24: proposal received at Glendon Faculty Council

Winter Term

The final proposal is proceeding through governance processes:

Jan 18: proposal discussed at Academic Policy, Planning & Research Committee

Jan 25: notice of motion at Senate

Feb 15: a motion to approve the Proposal for Restructuring of Academic Units was passed at Senate.