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The Graduate Diploma in Management provides students who have non-business background with a robust understanding of the field of management and key skills required in managing an organization. Through a set of modules, students are introduced to the major areas in management: organizational theory, marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, management information systems, organizational behaviour, and law. Graduate diploma students hone their skills and knowledge in a capstone course that addresses real-life organizational problems. Students interested in public sector management can substitute two business-specific modules with two modules specific to the public sector.

The Graduate Diploma in Management can be taken as a direct-entry diploma for candidates who seek to advance their careers. The diploma can also be taken concurrently by students in the Graduate Program in Biotechnology Management, while also being awarded if they exit the program early but have completed the necessary requirements for the diploma.

The graduate diploma also provides non-business graduates as well as individuals that have degrees from non-Canadian institutions with the prerequisites required to stream seamlessly into the Graduate Program in Management Practice offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or other accredited graduate programs.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in Management is opened to all students with a completed undergraduate degree in a field other than business, management, commerce or closely related field.

To be admitted to the graduate diploma, the applicant must have:

  1. an Honours undergraduate degree from a recognized postsecondary institution;
  2. at least a B standing in the final two years of full-time equivalent study;
  3. high competency in oral and written English. Applicants whose native language is not English or who have not studied for at least two years in an English language university or who have not worked in a professional role in an English-speaking country for at least one year must obtain satisfactory scores on an acceptable English language test such as International English Language Testing System (minimum 7.5) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 600). In special circumstances, admission to the Graduate Program in Management Practice may be conditional upon taking an intensive English language course.

Diploma Requirements

The program can be completed in two semesters. Students must successfully complete 8 sequential functional modules, 1.5 credits each in the first phase of the program and will complete an experiential learning capstone course immediately after for a total length of 2 terms.

To graduate, students enrolled in the program:

  1. Must complete all required courses with an overall B average;
  2. Must obtain a minimum of C in each of the courses, but no more
    than five C grades overall;
  3. Must complete all diploma requirements within 2 calendar years.

Students are required to complete eight core modules in the Fall and Winter terms, chosen from the list below:

Management Diploma 5010 1.5: Organizational Theory and Strategic Management
Management Diploma 5020 1.5: Principles of Marketing Management
Management Diploma 5030 1.5: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
Management Diploma 5040 1.5: Financial and Management Accounting
Management Diploma 5050 1.5: Management Information Systems
Management Diploma 5060 1.5: Introduction to Financial Management
Management Diploma 5070 1.5: Organizational Behaviour
Management Diploma 5080 1.5: Law and Corporate Governance
Management Diploma 5110 1.5: Fundamentals of Public Sector Management
Management Diploma 5120 1.5: Canadian Administrative Law and Public Sector Ethics

Students who plan to transition to the Graduate Program in Management Practice after the completion of the Graduate Diploma in Management must take the following modules: Management Diploma 5010 1.5, 5020 1.5, 5030 1.5, 5040 1.5, 5050 1.5, and 5070 1.5, plus two modules of their choice.

After finishing the core modules, students must complete: Management Diploma 5090 3.0: Experiencing Management

Further details about the Graduate Diploma in Management can be found on the graduate diploma website.