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Master in Environmental Studies (MES)

Join an interdisciplinary master’s program that challenges you to look at natural, socio-cultural and built environments differently. In this program, centred on an individual Plan of Study, you will learn how to redefine the boundaries of environmental research to create-positive social and environmental change.

Critical Issues

Ecological Economics and Footprints

Become part of EUC’s Ecological Footprint Initiative and help advance the measurement of ecological footprint and biocapacity and the application of these measures around the world.

Environmental Conservation and Management

Explore new strategies for the conservation of pollinators, wildlife, habitats, forests and freshwater, and for more sustainable natural resources management.

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Transitions

Build and implement climate solutions though the Sustainable Energy Initiative

Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice

Use film, podcasting, visual art, creative writing and performance to challenge our understanding of the environment

Urban and Regional Planning and Infrastructures

Examine complex and changing urban processes and planning in neighborhoods, communities, cities and metropolitan regions in relation to equity and sustainability.

Climate, Environmental and Indigenous Justice

Study of how social power relations are entwined with environmental processes, in contexts such as food production, extractive industries, migration, climate change vulnerability and urbanization

Critical Theories of International Development and Global Inequities

Engage in critical analyses of contemporary global capitalism, feminist perspectives on geopolitics, and psychoanalytical interpretations of global development.

Sustainable Food Systems

Build a sustainable and just food system for Canada.

Environmental Education

Focus on the environmental implications of education and the role of education in sustainability

In place of a fixed set of curriculum offerings, the MES approach to learning supports students’ ownership of and responsibility for their education through a Plan of Study. You will develop your own Plan of Study with the support of a faculty advisor, who will provide personalized guidance as you transition through your studies, including internship opportunities. The program also offers the flexibility to complete your MES research work as a thesis, major paper, project or portfolio.

The MES Program

2 Years

Full Time

Fall Entry

Master in Environmental Studies (MES)

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The Graduate Program in Environmental Studies at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.