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Environmental Studies (PhD)

Creatively redefine the boundaries of environmental research. Adopting an interdisciplinary lens for your PhD in Environmental Studies, you will create a unique Program Plan, to be  guided by your supervisory committee. Using various conceptual approaches to explore environmental issues in their historical and comparative contexts, you will analyze how theoretical and practical matters intersect, and how reflexive, rigorous, critical and creative thinking can inform environmental research, practice and policy. Explore conventional disciplines such as social sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences in ways that encourage viewing issues through a broader, more contextual perspective, with an emphasis on social justice.

Students may research such vital issues as:

  • Applied ecology and conservation
  • Critical urban studies
  • Environmental and social justice
  • Environmental humanities
  • Arts-based research and community arts practice
  • Global political ecology and critical development studies
  • Indigenous and decolonizing approaches to environmental research
  • Socio-environmental health
  • Environmental policy and management
  • Critical approaches to energy and climate change
  • Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning

Program Details

4-6 Years

Full Time

Fall Entry


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The Graduate Program in Environmental Studies at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.