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MPPAL Bursaries

There are two types of bursaries available to students in the MPPAL program. All bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need (unlike scholarships and awards, which are distributed on the basis of academic achievement).

The University allows the MPPAL program to retain some of the income it receives from tuition and government grants to fund a regular bursary program. A call for applications to the MPPAL Bursary Program shall be made annually in the winter term. The program does not have sufficient funds to make bursaries available to every student; instead, they are available only to assist those in greatest financial need.

Applicants must provide sufficient evidence that they meet the conditions listed here in order to qualify for a bursary.

Category 1: Demonstrates pressing and substantial financial need based on household income. Adequacy of household income will be assessed on applicant’s income, partner’s income if one exists, and support of children. Financial need coupled with disabilities or long-term illnesses will also be taken into consideration.

Category 2: Demonstrates significant financial need. Determined by the adequacy of household income.

Category 3: Demonstrates moderate financial need. Determined by the adequacy of household income and need.

A small amount of money is also set aside to provide emergency bursaries throughout the year. These bursaries are intended to provide a modest amount of financial help to students facing urgent and unexpected financial challenges. Students may apply for an emergency bursary once during their program. There is no deadline for applying. Emergency Bursaries (like the Regular Bursaries) are credited to students’ accounts; if a student will be unable to continue despite receiving a bursary, because of unpaid fees owing to the University, a bursary will not be provided.

Students will be notified in the Winter term when applications for the Regular Bursaries are open. Interested students should contact the Graduate Program Assistant or the Graduate Program Director for further instructions as to how to apply.

The specific value awarded under the four categories (three regular and one emergency) will be determined annually as part of the budget exercise for the program. Applications will be adjudicated by the MPPAL Bursary Committee.

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