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Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration

This program of study allows students already in appropriate graduate programs at York University, including but not limited to the MPPAL, to specialize formally in the area of Justice System Administration, and to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration.

The diploma aims to equip students with both analytical and practical insights needed to help administer justice system programs fairly, responsively and effectively, and is geared to students who aspire to leadership positions in the justice system. The Graduate Diploma must be completed at the same time as your Graduate Degree. It is not offered as a stand alone Graduate Diploma.

Each student is required to complete the course GS/PPAL 6140/LAW 6719 3.0 “Court Organization and Management.” The course exposes students to an in-depth analysis of the literature on judicial administration in Canada, with relevant comparisons to other related jurisdictions. In addition, students will be exposed to a related body of literature on law and public administration. Some of the objectives of the course are: (i) to allow students to identify and understand the challenges faced in court organization and management and how these challenges relate to large social factors and judicial or legal values; (ii) to understand the issues raised in the justice system administration literature(iii) to conduct research in the justice system administration secondary literature and in the justice system itself; evaluate scholarship in the area; and (iv) to understand and apply policy changes and communicate those to others. 

Regardless of the degree program that a student is enrolled in, each student must also focus their major research paper or topics paper on an area that is related to justice system administration (topic to be approved by the Diploma Coordinator), Professor Richard Haigh ( This significant research work will enable students to conduct research (both primary and secondary), evaluate and analyze programs and critically comment on them in a broader societal setting.

Students are also required to complete a work placement in an organization in the justice system or where management skills relevant to justice system administration may be developed. Students will be required to locate their own work placement site. This requirement may be waived by the Diploma Coordinator if the student has worked or currently works in an organization where the work is related to the justice system. The objective of the placement is to allow the learning developed through the course and written work to be assessed and applied in a live setting.

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