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Lab logo. Picture of a brain and an eye

The Freud lab is part of the Department of Psychology, the Centre for Vision Research and the VISTA program at York University, Toronto, Canada.

Our research is focused on the investigation of the cognitive and neural processes that mediate our ability to perceive the world around us and to interact with objects in our environment.

Vision is the most important sensory modality for humans. We use vision in almost every aspect of our lives, from the recognition of people and objects to reading and navigation (i.e., vision-for-perception). We also use vision to guide our interactions with objects and people in our environment (vision-for-action). The research in the lab aims to elucidate brain representations that support these different visual behaviours, the interplay between these functions and their developmental trajectories.

To this end, we utilize a range of approaches, including neuroimaging, neuropsychological investigations, developmental studies and motion-tracking technology.

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