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SSHRC post-docs all around for the SP area!

SSHRC post-docs all around for the SP area!

Picture of Caroline Erentzen
Caroline Erentzen
Picture of Meghan George
Meghan George
Picture of Alex West
Alex West

The York SP area is very proud to announce that Caroline Erentzen, Meghan George, and Alex West have all secured SSHRC post-doctoral fellowships!! These post-doctoral fellowships are very competitive, and it is an honour to have 3 of those fellowships awarded to our amazing students at York SP.

We are super proud of them! See below for a brief description of their post-doctoral work:

Caroline Erentzen will be working with Aliston Chasteen at University of Toronto. Her post-doctoral research will focus on gendered dimensions of Islamophobia and pursuit of Muslim rights in Canada. She completed her PhD with Regina Schuller.

Meghan George will be working with Sylvia Perry at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois). Her post-doctoral research will focus on bias-awareness in intergroup interactions. Specifically, she will test interventions aimed at improving interaction quality as judged by both members of an interracial interaction. Her current Ph.D. supervisor is Jen Steele.

Alex West will be working with Sarah Gaither at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina). Her post-doctoral research will focus on developing interventions to improve the perception of authenticity as a flexible, multifaceted self (as opposed to the traditional "one true self"). She hopes to improve both monoculturals' perceptions of biculturals as authentic, as well as bicultural's own sense of authenticity as well. Her current Ph.D. supervisor is Amy Muise.

We wish you three the best at your new institutions! 🙂