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Congratulations !!!

We are so excited to announce two winners of the SHPM first annual graduate student paper award on anti-Black racism in the fields of health and disability in Canada, and interventions to policy, practice and alternatives from community activism and organizations!

The award is being jointly conferred to Angelique Gordon and Chanelle Chanelle Perrier-Telemaque for their respective papers. Congratulations! 

Angelique's paper discusses the phenomenon of “collective colonial trauma”. In particular, she explores Frantz Fanon’s writings in-depth as his work demonstrated the strong link between the colonial environment, anti-Black racism and Black peoples’ mental wellbeing. Chanelle's paper explores the material implications of disability discourses like #Blackgirlmagic to discuss the way in which the strong Black woman as a discourse of disability materially informs Black women’s experiences of wellness using a Black feminist disability approach.

Angelique Gordon,  a close up of Black woman with glasses smiling
Angelique Gordon
Chanelle Chanelle Perrier-Telemaque
Chanelle Chanelle Perrier-Telemaque