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HLST 4990 9.0 SHPM Practicum

Designed to bridge theory and practice in a variety of health care settings, the practicum is a planned, supervised and evaluated practice-based experience in which students are mentored and supported by fieldwork-supervisors. To support students' development of professionalism skills within work integrated learning, students are required to attend pre-practicum workshops and in-class pre-placement sessions. The practicum course will require 15-20 in-class hours and 250-300 in-field hours. Students will prepare a learning contract, complete a field-based project deliverable, participate in continuous reflective-related exercises and prepare a final practicum poster presentation. The practicum is open to students in BHS specialized honours program.

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Open ToPrerequisitesPre/Corequisites
Students in the BHS Specialized Honours program with 84 earned creditsHH/HLST 4000 3.0 and HH/HLST 4010 3.0HH/HLST 4200 6.0


  1. A minimum GPA of 7.0 is required in major credits. (Use this GPA Calculator)
  2. Enrollment is by permission only. Students with the required earned credits are invited to an Information Session in the Winter term prior to placement. Students submit an application, are interviewed and those selected are notified of acceptance by end of Winter term.
  3. Students are required to complete all pre-practicum risk management and screening requirements before the Winter term of practicum.
  4. Students are required to attend all in-class pre-practicum sessions and post-practicum sessions and commit to a minimum of 3 days a week in fieldwork placements based on negotiated workdays with the field supervisor, completing a minimum of 250-300 in-field work hours.
  5. For practicum students, when you are choosing your HLST elective courses, it is highly recommended you consider taking the following 3 courses: HLST 4210 - Health Care Leadership - a required course for Health Management students but highly recommended for Policy and Informatic students; HLST 3400 - Healthcare Quality Improvement & Patient Safety - a required course for Health Management students but highly recommended for Policy and Informatic students; HLST 3500 - Quality & Operational Excellence in Healthcare - Introduction to Lean Six Sigma - highly recommended for all practicum students.

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