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Honours Progression

Students who have completed less than 84 earned credits whose cumulative grade point average is below 5.0 may continue in Honours provided they meet the year level progression requirements as follows:

Progression Requirements

Year LevelCredits EarnedMinimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
One0 - 23 earned credits4.00
Two24 - 53 earned credits4.25
Three54 - 83 earned credits4.80
Four84 earned credits5.00

NOTE: Year level is based on the number of earned credits including transfer credit.


Students may enter/re-enter BHS Honours if they meet the year level progression requirements for Honours as specified in the table above.

Students who have not attained the 5.0 cumulative grade point average at the point of completing 84 credits, will be ineligible to proceed in the Honours Bachelor of Health Studies program.  No extra courses may be taken in a subsequent session in an effort to raise the grade point average to qualify for Honours.

All students who enter/re-enter the BHS Honours program must follow the requirements of the program in place at the time of entry/re-entry.

Graduating with a BHS Honours Degree

Students must pass at least 120 credits which meet Faculty of Health degree and program requirements with a cumulative grade point average of at least 5.0.

Entry/Re-Entry Failure to Maintain Honours Standing: GPA Requirement

BHS students who fail to meet the Honours standing grade point average requirement will be ineligible to proceed in the Honours BHS program. Students who wish to proceed with their studies must change their degree. Advising is strongly recommended.

For further details, consult the Office of Student and Academic Services (OSAS), Faculty of Health.  The contact information is listed below:

Room 235, Calumet College

Tel:  (416) 736-5299

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