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York Apartments FAQ

York Apartments have about 1,250 self-contained units available for students at York’s Keele Campus.

York Apartments offer a variety of both furnished and unfurnished apartment options including bachelor, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units (very limited and are reserved for students coming with their children). There are also few adapted units.

A furnished unit comes standard with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, side tables, kitchen table and chairs. Students supply their own linens or may purchase linens through York University's external partner Residence Linens prior to arrival and they will be shipped to the Housing Office and ready for when you arrive.

Graduate and law students or students coming in with family (children/spouse) registered in full-time studies and in good financial/behavioural standing with the University are eligible to apply for York Apartments.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Apply through the Apply for Residence page once you are admitted to a full-time degree at York. Students already in a lease cannot reapply to York Apartments for the future terms until one academic term after they move out.

Applications are processed according to the date of receipt. Spaces are often limited and we are not able to guarantee a housing offer.

No, there is no application fee associated with applying for York Apartments Housing.

You can select up to two building/style preferences when applying. Housing staff will make every effort to accommodate your preference, but cannot make guarantees as assignments will depend on availability.

No, each apartment is leased to one resident only who will be responsible for the terms and conditions of the lease agreement including payment of rent.

Depending on apartment type, Housing & Conference Services can allow a maximum of 3 registered sharers in a unit. Not all units are eligible for sharer(s). A sharer must be a child/spouse registered by the lease holder through the Housing Office. Please check the Maximum Occupancy Allowed and the Registered Sharer section of the Handbook for more information.

On a typical year, a sublease may be allowed in the summer and residents are required to apply through Housing & Conference Services. To be approved, the subleassee must also be a qualified York University student (registered full-time and in good standing).

It depends on the apartment type, and building type. Please refer to our rates page for detailed information about residence costs.

No, your rental rates include heat, hydro and water. Wireless internet is accessible through AirYork Plus.

Phone service subscription, cable TV, parking services and laundry are extra costs you will need to consider. Also, residents are required to obtain a tenant insurance policy that covers loss of personal property and/or liability for personal and property damage.

Insurance may be available as an extension of the Resident family’s home insurance policy, or the Resident can obtain their own insurance package. York University will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the Resident’s personal effects. Proof of insurance is required before receiving unit keys.

No, all the apartments are equipped with a kitchen, therefore a Dining Plan is not mandatory. However, you can purchase a Dining Plan through the YU-card Office, if you wish.

All kitchens come with a fridge and a stove/oven. You may bring in your own microwave, pots, pans, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.

York has over 40 food service locations at the Keele Campus offering a wide variety of food types including salads, soup and sandwiches, full “home-style” dinners, fast food, international, halal and kosher food.

To ensure our residents health and safety, as of September 1, 2018, York Apartment premises (private units and common corridors and hallways) are designated as non-smoking buildings. Residents, members of the resident’s household, guest(s), business invitee(s), or visitor(s), shall not smoke anywhere within the building, including the unit rented by the resident, balconies and patios, enclosed common areas, as well as outside within 9 metres of doorways, operable windows, and air intakes.

*It is important to note that new residents may be moving in to apartment buildings with current residents that signed older lease agreements and that are grandfathered and may smoke in their private dwellings. However, should the smoke interfere with safety and enjoyment of other roommates/residents, they are encouraged to bring up their concerns to Housing & Conference Services and the matter will be followed-up on.

Residents that are 19 and over may possess and store cannabis in their unit but not in hallways, stairwells, lobbies or in other common areas. Cannabis must be stored in a sealed container. Residents may possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in their units. Cultivating cannabis is not permitted in York Apartments.

Smoking cannabis is not permitted in York Apartments, residents must smoke at least 9 meters (30 feet) away from building entrances. The smoke and pungent smell of cannabis can cause interference of other resident’s (including families with children) enjoyment. Rules and policies on cannabis smoking, possession and cultivation are in the York Apartments Residents Handbook.

Residents are encouraged to contact Residence Life on all smoking and cannabis concerns they may have. Issues will be addressed with responsible residents in accordance to policies set in the York Apartments Tenancy Agreement and Residence Life Handbook.

York Apartments residents are assigned a term lease with an end date of April 30. Each year thereafter, the leases are renewed pending resident’s eligibility (full-time status and financial standing with the University) at the time of review. Residents with leases that are up for renewal are contacted at least three (3) months prior to lease expiry and offered the extension for the following year.

Move-ins are arranged for the 1st and 15th of each month throughout the year (pending availability) and excluding weekends and any statutory holidays.

A signed “Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy Form” (N11) must be submitted to the Housing Office at least 60 days before vacating the unit. The date of termination shall be on the last day of a rental period (last day of the month). For example, if you wish to move out in October and the required minimum of 60 Days’ Notice falls on October 22, your move-out date will be October 31.

Yes, as long as you have no outstanding debts on your student account, have no history of behavioural issues and will continue to enroll in a full-time degree program in the following Fall Term.

Tours are not currently offered at York Apartments

Residents of York Apartments (Atkinson, Assiniboine and Passy Garden) are eligible to get a $25 OEPTC (Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit) for the year that they lived in Residence. Therefore, you should not claim an Ontario Property Tax Credit when you are completing your annual tax return.For more information please see our tax information page.

Note: Housing Services strives to ensure the completeness and accuracy of information contained on this website, however, we reserve the right to change any of the information at anytime without notice.