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Christy Leung

Christy Leung

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Christy Leung

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Human Resources Business Partner, Amazon
Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM), Honours 2015

I pride myself on punctuality, persistence and hard work to achieve career goals. I enjoy spending time being active and living a healthy life. In my down time, I practice yoga intensely, hike subtly, and walk with my heart on my sleeve.

Unequivocally, my education provided a solid foundation for many business functions in various organizations. The Human Resources Management program offered great value and contributed to the success of my HR career. Prior to graduating from York University, I pursued a role with a reputable recruitment agency/company in Toronto. I enjoyed learning new recruitment software and managing projects with the VP of the company, but soon it was time for me to take on new challenges.

Several months after my search, I decided to journey as an HR professional into the financial/insurance industry. My previous role prepared me to develop skills in a multifaceted way. I began in an entry-level role as an Human Resources Assistant and within three months, I advanced into the management team. I applied my knowledge, skills, and ability to become the first Human Resources Coordinator in the company. I had demonstrated both effort and patience to achieve my short-term career goals.

I enjoyed meeting and interviewing new candidates with different backgrounds and experiences. My favourite HR function is investigations, coaching and employee engagement. I negotiate with Directors to create short- and long-term recruitment, training and development as well as organizational goals. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all the professors at York University who supported me and made an impact on my life. Namasté.

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