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Efua Ayanda Appiah

Efua Ayanda Appiah

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Efua Ayanda Appiah

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School Counsellor, Association International School, Accra, Ghana
Sociology, Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2008

YorkU provided me with the right foundation to participate in various fields and subjects after I graduated from the institution. My Sociology degree allowed me to have options in what field I went into next. After an undergraduate degree in Sociology, I pursued a Masters in Social Work in New York from New York University.

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Melanie Boksa

Disaster & Emergency Management
Bachelor of Disaster and Emergency Management (BDEM) 2015

Business continuity and emergency management professional, Investment Management Corporate of Ontario

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Tashani Parker

Social Work

Manager, Home and Community Care Support Services, Ontario Ministry of Health

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Jennifer Persaud

Graduate Program in Public Policy, Administration & Law
Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) 2014

Governance Coordinator, Central East Local Health Integration Network