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Ekraz Singh

Ekraz Singh

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Ekraz Singh

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Creative Writing 2013

Ekraz also holds B.Ed. and is studying toward an M.Ed, working towards a teaching career, while publishing her own online magazine @

York's Creative Writing program enriched my understanding and appreciation of literature. In doing so, it enabled me to grow as both a reader and a writer. I believe the degree I received from York has helped me become a great English teacher and excel in graduate studies. The Creative Writing cohorts at York are always small. This allows for more individualized feedback from professors and peers on your writing, and fosters greater personal growth as a writer. It also generates a sense of community and belonging which is often lacking in larger programs.

Studying Creative Writing enabled me to learn how to approach literature through the perspective of the writer, something that isn't explored in most English classes where various literary theories and external perspectives are placed on texts. Studying both subjects has allowed me to better understand literature and teach others about it. The large amount of reading and analysis that both programs call for have provided me with skills and abilities that have enabled me to achieve success in graduate studies.

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