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Matt Turner

Matt Turner

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Matt Turner

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Sexuality Studies 2017

As a student in the Sexuality Studies program I enjoyed connecting with my professors who helped me hone my focus in the field. I was able to incorporate what I learned in lectures, and apply it to my on campus work with our student club GLgbt*. I was also able to connect my learning to my volunteer position doing sexual health. The lectures I took were fascinating and I still enjoy reading up on the topics I learned. Additionally, the courses were a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge often connected to real world events. I was able to study under leading researchers in the field which added to the relevance of courses.

My advice to new students would be to find a program you love, even if you can't see a direct translation into a career. Often, by having a program you love will push you to get those "employability" skills people often talk about. If you love what you study, you'll find ways to bring that passion into your life beyond university.

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