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Kat Kova

Kat Kova

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Kat Kova

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Registered Psychotherapist, Kat Kova Therapy
Sexuality Studies 2016

At York, I found a mentorship opportunity with Dr. Erin Ross that created the foundation for success in my desired career path. The quality of the Psychology program, as well as the Sexuality Studies course of study I took (certificate) was excellent, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the human psyche, social relationships, and the interaction between the environment and the person, with many classes I took in both programs critically examining how we have been and continue to be impacted by the historical, the social, and the political. My social justice lens has been magnified by being a student of the Sexuality Studies program specifically My experience was so fantastic that I'm now applying to come back as a student of the Social and Personality Psychology doctoral program and hope to teach at York one day.

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