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Strategic Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

The Strategic Intelligence and Predictive Analytics team of analysts and data scientists in OIPA take pride in working collaboratively with colleagues across the University to support and enable evidence-driven strategic planning, policymaking, resource allocations, enrolment projections, and programmatic and administrative improvements. Our areas of practice include:

Foresight Analysis

We support and enhance institutional capacity for long-range planning and planning under heightened uncertainty by delivering thought-provoking, evidence-based foresight analysis – e.g., horizon scanning, analysis of plausible future scenarios and support for developing ‘play-books’ of strategic responses to plausible future scenarios. Combining these play-books with enrolment projection methods can help Faculties, and the University as a whole, remain proactive and on-track towards achieving our mission and vision, even when dealing with heightened uncertainties.

Market Research

We work in a highly collaborative manner to provide tailored market research services in support of the development of new or reimagined programs, including analyses of competitive landscapes, prospective student preferences and demand, and labour market demand and employer needs. We also conduct or assist with tuition benchmarking and tuition elasticity of demand analyses and provide support for the evaluation of institutional fit and the identification of compelling and authentic value propositions. Often this market research is undertaken to support program proposals that are being developed under York University’s Quality Assurance Procedures (YUQAP).

Predictive Analytics

We foster the expansion and coordination of ethical, innovative, and impactful predictive analytics capabilities throughout the institution as envisioned in York’s Data and Analytics Strategy [in development], with a focus on deploying a collaborative operating model designed to enhance institutional impact and improve operations. We provide data science expertise on a project basis and to enhance ongoing processes such as strategic enrolment management.

Impact Evaluation

We support institutional effectiveness and ongoing improvement by applying quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methods for impact evaluation. We collaborate in the development of strategies and systems to improve the availability and effective use of strategic intelligence to improve a broad range of services and operations.

Strategic Enrolment Planning and Management

We are responsible for the ongoing development, coordination, and communication of the Institutional enrolment planning process, and we develop and maintain the institutional enrolment projection models. We collaborate in the development and execution of a university-wide Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Plan, particularly on matters pertaining to evidence-informed practices.