Peter Paolucci, Ph.D.

Awards & Recognition


blue sphere 2016 (September) "10 Of The Best Professors At York University" by Narcity (Disable ad blocker if you use one.)

blue sphere 2009 (May): The Dean's Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Faculty of Arts, now known as the faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.

blue sphere 2002 (March): One of York's most popular professors in Maclean's Guide to Canadian Universities.

blue sphere 1995 (June 17): York University Wide Teaching Award (SCOTL) for Excellence in Teaching.


blue sphere 2013: Successfully mentored and nominated Janet Melo-Thaiss for her University Wide Teaching Award and for her Division of Humanities award for Excellence in Teaching, both in the same year.

blue sphere 1997: Successfully mentored and nominated Prof. Dalton Kehoe for his 1997 University Wide Teaching Award.