Peter Paolucci, Ph.D.


Faculty Teacher and Trainer (Professional Development)

blue sphere 2001 (Jan) - 2003 (March): Director, editor-in-chief, manager, co-designer, co-author, and instructor of Digital Architecture: Imaginative Pedagogy for Educators currently housed at The material was also translated into French.

blue sphere 2000 (Jan-Apr): Co-designer, co-author, and instructor of "IDNM Instructional Design for New Media," an internationally-recognized online course that assists university and community college faculty in transforming traditional course materials into online learnware. Developed by Learn Ontario where I was a director and offered at Ryerson Polytechnic University and Centennial College. Learn Ontario was dismantled in March 2000.

blue sphere 1998 (Jul 8): "The Teacher as Presenter." For the CST (Centre for Support of Teaching), with Prof. John Dwyer. Three consecutive sessions: "Large Lectures and Conference Presentations," "The Pedagogy of Videoconferencing," and "Videotaping your Presentation."

blue sphere 1998 (Jul 6): "Transferring Your Teaching Skills: Teachers Make the Best Business Consultants." With Prof John Dwyer, for the CST.

blue sphere 1998 (Feb 5): "What's Next? Leading Edge Technologies for Teaching." For the Centre for the Support of Teaching.

blue sphere 1997 (Dec 4) and 1998 (Feb 26): "Using the Library and the Internet in Research Assignments." For the CST.

blue sphere 1997 (Sept 25 and Oct 9): "Computer Conferencing with First Class (Advanced)." For the CST.

Pedagogical Innovations

blue sphere 2010-2011: Taught by invitation in the "Transition Year Program." The TYP “provides an opportunity to transition to university for those who have previously experienced social and financial barriers to accessing the formal education system.” “Courses and workshops bridge the gap between a student’s prior experience and level of education and the formal educational credentials to qualify for admission to a university degree program.” I found the experience to be very rewarding. Many of these students have led lives where the barriers to a good education have been very difficult and largely undeserved. This wonderful program gives them a chance.

blue sphere 1993-1996: Designed and delivered "Smashing the C+ Barrier," a study-skills improvement workshop series for 3rd- and 4th-year students. I participated regularly in the summers for Brian Poser's bridging course entitled "Returning to Study" for students returning after having been on probation. My commitment to help struggling students has been sustained over the years and is now expressed in my teaching duties in York's "Fundamentals of Learning" course which is dedicated to helping third and fourth year students on academic debarment warning to get back on their feet.

blue sphere 1995: Developed "The Exam Game," a unique way to capitalize on student synergy in studying. This activity was used with great success by 1997 SCOTL award-winning teacher, Trevor Holmes, as well as Janet Melo-Thaiss, winner of the 2013 President’s University-Wide Teaching Awards (PUWTA) and winner of the 2013 Division of Humanities award for excellence in teaching. See Trevor Holmes' write-up and assessment here.

blue sphere 1994: Wrote the first revision of the Critical Skills Manual for First Year Kinesiology Students under the guidance of Prof Carol Wilson.

Faculty Development

* denotes developed for the Centre for the Support of Teaching
** denotes developed for Centre des technologies de l'enseignement (Glendon)
***denotes developed for York's Computer Training Facility


blue sphere "Security and Other Course Design Issues in Lotus Notes"**
blue sphere 1997-2000 "Exploring JavaScript for the Electronic Classroom (Intermediate and Advanced)"* with Ian Lumb
blue sphere 1996, 1998, 2000 "Publishing and Site Promotion on the Web"
blue sphere 2001 "Website Design by HTML"*** / **
blue sphere 1995, 1998, 2003 "Using Search Engines Effectively"*
blue sphere 1992-1995, 1996, 2000, "Internet World Tour" for York's now defunct Computer Training Centre under the direction of Mr. Ian Taylor


blue sphere "Using Perl and CGI" in Course Design"
blue sphere "The Impact of Commercialization on Search Engines and Academic Research"


blue sphere "'Low End'" Technology (Word Processors, Power Point) for Dissertation Writing"*
blue sphere "Using JavaScript (I and II)"
blue sphere "Critical Thinking for the Internet"*
blue sphere (Jul) "Introducing Windows 98"*
blue sphere "A Taxonomy of Search Engines"
blue sphere "Advanced HTML Design for Faculty"*
blue sphere "Power Point in Office 98 for Faculty"*
blue sphere (Jun) "Advanced JavaScript for Faculty"*
blue sphere "Information Architecture and Data Layering"**
blue sphere 1998-2000 "MS Front Page for Web Design"*


blue sphere "Videotaping Your Teaching"* for CST and Osgoode Law School (with Dr. John Dwyer)
blue sphere "Computer Conferencing Theory and Practice, Using Codec, Satellite and IP Addressing Technologies"*
blue sphere 1995-1997 "Finding, Documenting, and Evaluating Information on the Internet for Academics"*
blue sphere "Multimedia Training and Teaching"*
blue sphere "Using Java (Beginner Level)"


blue sphere "Videoconferencing on the Net: CuSeeMe"*
blue sphere "Convergent Technologies"*
blue sphere "Professional Development and Technology"*
blue sphere 1996/1997 "Using Presentation Programs Effectively"*


blue sphere "Using Listservs in the Classroom and on the Internet" *
blue sphere "Using Power Point"
blue sphere 1994-1997 "Web Page Design for Faculty*, Using HTML in Course Design"*


blue sphere 1993 "Videoconferencing for Productivity"
blue sphere 1993 "Computer-Mediated Learning"