Peter Paolucci, Ph.D.

Service: Committees, Administrative, and Advisory

2010 - 2019 (Department of English)

blue sphere Sept 2015 - June 2019: Member, teaching committee
blue sphere Sept 2012 – June 2014: Chair, teaching committee
blue sphere Sept 2011 – June 2013: Member, curriculum committee
blue sphere Sept 2012 – 2015: Coordinator, curriculum sub-committee Medieval & Renaissance
blue sphere Dec 2011-March 2012: Chair, PRWR search committee for a new Assistant Professor appointment in Professional Writing.
blue sphere Since 2011 (May) – 2015: Oversight of the Medieval-Renaissance subcommittee on curriculum review and reform.


blue sphere 2009 (Sept) – June 2010: Member, research committee.

blue sphere Since 2007 (Aug): Member of the advisory board of Existere: Journal of Arts and Literature, commencing with Volume 27.1 (Fall 2007).
blue sphere 2007 (Jan) – 2008 (June) and September 2009 – June 2010: Member, Professional Writing Curriculum Review committee.
blue sphere2007 (Jan) – 2008 (June): Committee member of DACC (Dean's Advising Committee on Computing).
Scrutiny and assessment of departmental computer plans for faculty of arts, assist departments with their computer plans, advise on planning and future computing needs to support faculty in their teaching and research.
blue sphere2007 (Jan) - 2008 (June): Coordinator, Professional Writing Program, York University.

blue sphere 2006 (Fall) – 2007 (Winter): Member, Professional Writing Program search/hiring committee.
blue sphere Since 2005 (Sept): Department of English Computer Coordinator.
Creating the department's computing plan by assessing current conditions of inventories and infrastructure; predicting and planning for faculty's future needs. Consulting with, and advising faculty on computing issues related to teaching and research. Hire and oversee work-study students to support department's computing needs. Developing mid- and long- terms plans for teaching with technology.
blue sphere Intermittently since 2004: Faculty Advisor, EUSA (EN Undergraduate Students Association). Resurrected EUSA after it had been dormant for quite some time. Assisted in re-drafting their constitution and getting it approved. Helped students to organize and promote themselves. Acted as design and technical consultant for their website.

blue sphere 2003 (Aug) – 2007 (Jan) and 1995 (July) – 1998 (June): Academic Advisor Stong College, York University. Originally administered twenty-two college (degree-credit) courses, including hiring, disciplinary hearings, curriculum development and oversight, faculty recruitment, and teaching evaluation and assessment until 1998.
Created and maintained professional development programs for instructors, counseled and advised undergraduate students on improving academic performance, study strategies, career paths and personal problems. After 1998, the course administration component disappeared from the job description; oversight, updating and maintenance of the college's website, server log analysis and reporting, and supporting the college's web-based databases; oversight of seventeen work study students who have been developing online student resources for the past four years sitting on various committees for routinely occurring disciplinary hearings, awards, College hirings, and advisor to SCSG (Stong College Student Government). Contributing fellow of Stong College since first joining in 1984 until 2005.
blue sphere Since 2003 (Oct): Executive member of the Canada-Mediterranean Centre (CMC) (356 Stong College), providing advice to the Centre on academic conferences and publications, oversight and development of the Centre's online XML-based database of its library and collections, and occasionally providing expertise on the Centre's technical and strategic development.

Outside Reader

blue sphere 2011: Second reader for honours thesis (EN 4160 6.0A) entitled, Explorations of Dystopic Urban Fantasy by Clare Wall. Supervisor, Prof. Allan Weiss.

blue sphere 2007: Second reader for honours thesis (EN 4160 6.0A) entitled, Making it Queer: The Subversive Qualities of Slash Fandom by Emily Loh. Supervisor, Prof. Terry Goldie.