Funding / Research Grants

blue sphere (2008): SSHRC + The Inukshuk Fund (with Prof. Evelyne Corcos, Glendon College) for screenPLAY: An Interactive Video Learning Resource for At-Risk Teens. Screenplay engages these teens through new media technologies and an appealing interactive gaming experience ($40,800)

blue sphere (2005): Startup grant used for Shakespeare XML Project ($6000) and (2008) an internal SSHRC ($2000). Paper given at The Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the RSA (Renaissance Society of America) Refereed.

blue sphere (2007-2008): From The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to support and develop good videoconferencing pedagogy for faculty at the Schulich School of Dentistry & Medicine, the University of Western Ontario: "The Videoconference Instructor: Just-in-Time VC Pedagogy" ($5000). "The VC Instructor" will be shared and used by all the English-speaking teaching hospitals in Ontario through the CHEC-CESC (Canadian Healthcare Education Commons).

blue sphere (2000): For Digital Architecture now housed at the University of Ottawa. Learn Canada and elsewhere. This project was part of Canarie No. 59, a $2.3 million grant awarded to a consortium of 10 collaborating partners to develop an online course on the pedagogy of videoconferencing in high bandwidth (dark fiber) environments. My piece at Learn Canada was ($320,950).

Consortium members of CANARIE No. 59:
  1. Dr. Christian Blanchette, Dr. Don McDonell, U. of Ottawa
  2. Dr. Peter Paolucci, Learn Canada / York University
  3. Mario Therrien, Glendon College, York U.
  4. Dr. Louise Marchand, Université de Montréal
  5. Serge Blais, Centre National de Formation en Santé
  6. Dr. Gordon Wallace, Faculty of Medicine, U. of Ottawa
  7. Dr. André Maisonneuve, Chattaqua Inc.
  8. Dr. Claudette Tardif, U. of Alberta
  9. Dr. Fréchette, Collège universitaire Saint-Boniface
  10. Eli Abdul-Masi, IBM Canada