Peter Paolucci, Ph.D.

Retired (sort of), but on contract with the departments of English, Humanities, and Writing.


Departments of English, Professional Writing & Humanities
York University
Toronto, Ontario


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Career Summary
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"Helping Teachers Teach and Students Learn"

Academic Statement

Primary areas of expertise include Shakespeare Shakespeare and the English Renaissance (Early Moderns), electronic texts (XML markup and editing), digital humanities, the history and scholarship of editing Shakespeare (electronically and in print: see my Shakespeare XML Project), the history and development of English prose through style and stylistics, horror fiction and film (vampires, witchcraft, ghost stories, and lycanthropy), especially Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dracula biting woman's neck Victorian poetry, prose and fiction, technology, and teaching, computer applications in literary scholarship and editorial work, popular culture, Canadian studies (prose, fiction, and music), faculty support work through pedagogy and technology, software/website usability testing, HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), theory and practice of Interface Design, and faculty support work (technical training and professional development).

Secondary areas of expertise include curriculum development and assessment, human resources (recruitment and management), project management and client management for web designers, which I have taught at Seneca College for many years, the development of strategic alliances and partnerships between the educational and private sectors, high levels of technical expertise. I pioneered York University's first videoconferenced courses and initiated electronic classrooms in the late 1980s, several years before the invention of the WWW in 1990. I have worked as a videoconferencing and educational consultant for more than two and a half decades.

My work in editing Shakespeare is supported by particularly strong programming and coding expertise in HTML/CSS, XML/XSL, JavaScript, Unix (Client and Administrator), E-commerce, Interface design, Usability testing, Universal Design, Web Accessibility Standards, and networking security; some knowledge of PHP, Perl, as well as search engine taxonomies and their methods of harvesting, filtering, storing, and serving data. I am fluent in PC, MAC and UNIX platforms. I have also taught courses on Interface Design in York's School of Information Technology, formerly ITEC.

I have extensive and diverse teaching experience at the university level in 9 different academic disciplines, including subject areas in English Literature, Humanities, Social Science, Canadian Studies, History, Popular Music and Culture, Technology (ITEC), Canadian Corporate Development, Communication in Organizations, Essay Writing, Business case studies for Admin Studies, Writing and Composition, and Critical Skills for Kinesiology majors.