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Testing the LPC804 Microcontroller

Testing the LPC804 Microcontroller

Here's a simple program, written for the LPC802 or LPC804 microcontroller, using MCUXpresso 11.0, the ISO C11 compiler and the latest LPC802 (OM40000) or LPC804 (OM400001) SDK from NXP.

I started a project using MCUXPresso and the SDK, then erased the contents of the main .c file it produced, replacing it with the following:

C project for MCUXpresso and LPC804

C project for MCUXpresso and LPC804

The code is as follows.

It has not been tested on actual hardware, just tested to compile.  If you want to test on actual hardware I suggest putting a breakpoint inside the while loop somewhere.

/* barebones C11 project for the LPC804.
 * Tested to compile using MCUXpresso 11.0 and ISO C11 compiler selected.
 * Jan 13, 2020, James Andrew Smith
 *  */

#include "LPC804.h" // replace the "804" with "802" if you're using the 802 chip.

int main(void) {

/* no special hardware startup */

/* just a variable.  Written like this to make sure it doesn't get optimized out. */

    volatile static int i = 0 ;

    /* Enter an infinite loop, just incrementing a counter. */

    while(1) {
        i++ ;
        /* just an assembler call */
        __asm volatile ("nop");
    return 0 ;