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Associated Research Units

The Connected Minds program emerged organically from the distinctive interdisciplinary environments and vision for a more ethical and just world shared by York and Queen's Universities. This program will build on our fundamental strength in interdisciplinary collaboration through inclusion and support from six inaugural affiliated Research Centres at York and four at Queen’s.

If you would like to be a member of Connected Minds and are a current member of any of the below Research Centres or identify as either a Black or Indigenous Scholar, you may register for membership by completing the following online application form: Connected Minds Membership Application.

Associated Research Units at York University

Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Society

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Society (CAIS) unites researchers who are collectively advancing state-of-the-art theory and practice of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, law, governance and public policy.  The research focuses on AI systems that address societal priorities in health care, smart cities and sustainability, and are fair, explainable, reliable and trusted.

Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Languages

The Centre for Indigenous Knowledges and Languages supports research involving both traditional and contemporary knowledges, as care-taken, shared, and created by Indigenous scholars located in the University and Indigenous knowledge holders from communities. It aims to facilitate research and knowledge production and dissemination, by Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, that re-centres Indigenous knowledges, languages, practices, and ways of being. It thus affirms Indigenous knowledges as vital sources of insights for our world and for future generations.

Centre for Integrative and Applied Neuroscience

Neuroscience – the study of nervous system function — aims to explain the biological basis of human behavior in health and disease. One in three Canadians will experience a brain-related health disorder.  The Centre for Integrative and Applied Neuroscience (CIAN) mobilizes research to address health, education, industry, and other applications important for the global community.

Institute for Technoscience and Society

The Institute for Technoscience and Society (ITS) is a global hub of critical and interdisciplinary research and knowledge mobilization on the relationship between technoscience and society, especially the configuration of social power underpinning scientific claims, medical practices, emerging technologies, and sites of innovation.

Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology

Sensorium is a research centre for creative inquiry and experimentation at the intersection of the media arts, performance, and digital culture.

York Centre for Vision Research

The Centre for Vision Research at York University pursues world-class, interdisciplinary research and training in visual science and its applications.

Associated Research Units at Queen's University

Centre for Neuroscience Studies

The Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS) serves as a hub for research and teaching aimed at improving our understanding of the brain, how it works, and how new therapies and diagnoses can play an important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting brain health.

Centre for Health Innovation

The Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) brings together interdisciplinary investigators to fuel a solutions-based approach to translational health research, applying knowledge generated at the university to improving patient care and health outcomes.

ECE, Labs, Matthew Pan, Ingenuity Labs, Robotics, Collaboration, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

The Ingenuity Labs Research Institute is a collaborative research initiative focused on creating intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life.

Health Services and Policy Research Institute

The Health Services and Policy Research Institute (HSPRI) strives to understand and contribute to the rapidly developing fields of health services research, health program evaluation, and health policy analysis.