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ABMP and YCAR launch the China Insights Fund: Building knowledge and understanding of China

ABMP and YCAR launch the China Insights Fund: Building knowledge and understanding of China

Poster for China Insights Fund 2024

The York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR) announces the relaunch of the China Insights Fund (CIF), made possible by the incredible support of the Asian Business and Management Program (ABMP). Originally established to foster research specifically on Canada-China interactions, the CIF now takes on a significantly broadened scope. This renewal reflects the dynamic evolution of China Studies and the importance of understanding China across historical periods, within its social complexities, and as a key player on the global stage.

“In a world where perspectives are constantly shifting, gaining in-depth, multifaceted knowledge of China is crucial,” states Bernie Frolic, ABMP Executive Director. “With this relaunch, the CIF supports research that digs deeper, embraces inclusivity, and helps us forge stronger connections across borders.”

The heart of the CIF's renewal lies in its expanded funding opportunities. York faculty, graduate students as well as YCAR Associates can apply for support in several key areas: organizing workshops, symposia, and conferences that bring together leading voices in China-related research to York; pursuing innovative research projects that align with CIF's mandate; facilitating international collaborations between York scholars and those at educational institutions in China; and providing field research opportunities that offer vital on-the-ground experiences for graduate students.

“This fund is an opportunity to establish YCAR as a hub for forward-thinking research into modern China and its rich historical, cultural and geopolitical significance,” says Qiang Zha, YCAR Interim Director. “As such, YCAR and CIF are keen to cultivate emerging scholars and promote research that delves into the experiences of Chinese communities in Canada to build Canada’s China competency in the new context.” By supporting diverse projects, the CIF will generate insights that shape research conversations, contribute to informed policymaking, foster intercultural understanding, and strengthen vital international relationships.

YCAR encourages the York community and its Associates to explore the potential offered by the relaunched CIF. With significant funding available (a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $20,000 per application, depending on the type of application), the CIF provides scholars with an opportunity to make a difference in the field of China Studies.

The CIF Committee has identified specific priority themes for 2024, reflecting its

commitment to reimagining China studies and fostering research on the Chinese diaspora in Canada. These themes include training future China Studies scholars, networking Canadian scholars in this field, and exploring the experiences of Chinese students in academic settings.

Review the full application guidelines and submit your proposals by the Monday, 27 May 2024 deadline. Successful applicants will be notified by 14 June 2024. For additional information, please visit the CIF website or contact

YFile also published news about the relaunch on 26 April 2024.