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Call for submission | Workshop on AI Governance in Global Dynamics | Deadline: June 15

Call for submission | Workshop on AI Governance in Global Dynamics | Deadline: June 15

The AI Governance in Global Dynamics at the Crossroads of Geopolitics and Technopolitics workshop is scheduled for 12–13 September 2024 at York University, organized by Wenhong Chen (University of Texas Austin) and Muyang Li (York University).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds transformative potential but also raises concerns about surveillance, data ethics, social inclusion, digital colonialism, and national security. Globally, there is unanimous agreement on the necessity of AI governance, yet there are significant differences in approaches to regulating AI. While the U.S., the E.U., and China are establishing regulatory frameworks, Oceania, South America, and Africa are also crafting their distinctive AI governance policies. Divergent AI regulatory strategies reflect differing perceptions and imaginaries of AI’s social impacts and distinct technopolitical and geopolitical considerations. These regulatory approaches, influenced by the shifting dynamics of geopolitics and technopolitics, will play a critical role in shaping the global trajectory of AI. Hence, exploring the development of this global regulatory network and the interplay between the core and emerging regions presents a rich and timely research area.

This workshop aims to foster a holistic and comparative understanding of AI governance, emphasizing the role of geopolitical and technopolitical dynamics in shaping regulatory

landscapes. We invite scholars from different backgrounds, including but not limited to sociology, communication and media studies, international relations, and area studies, to submit 500-word abstracts of their work and participate in a two-day workshop around these issues. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • What are the perceived risks and opportunities of AI that drive regulations in various nation states and/or regions? What values do they aim to promote through the regulatory approach?
  • How do nation state governments balance the potential benefits and risks of AI in their regulation?
  • How do geopolitical considerations shape the policies and regulatory approach toward AI?
  • How are regulatory frameworks being diffused, adapted, or redefined across countries and regions?
  • What role do power dynamics between nation-states and major global tech corporations play in AI governance?
  • What unique roles can Canada and other Asian Pacific countries play in the future of AI, considering their current policy and AI ecosystem?


  • 15 June 2024 500-word Abstract due
  • 15 July 2024 Notification of Accepted Abstracts
  • 12–13 Sept. 2024 Workshop at York University

After the workshop, selected participants will be further invited to submit their complete manuscripts to a journal special issue. A small stipend may be offered to cover part of the travel and accommodation expenses of selected participants.

This workshop is presented with support from the University of Texas at Austin and York Centre for Asian Research.

Please submit your 500 word abstract to Wenhong Chen and Muyang Li by 15 June 2024.

The call is also available at this link.