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Adam Faux

Adam Faux

Graduate Associate


Doctoral Student

Graduate Programme in Music, York University

Research Keywords:

Liquid Composition; South Asian and Buddhist thought; Philippine Rondalla and Gangsa; Sanskrit language and Devanagari script

Research Region(s):

India, Philippines, South Asia, Southeast Asia

Research Diaspora(s):

I am a doctoral student, researching and developing the field of Liquid Composition, with consideration given to South Asian and Buddhist thought. For roughly 20 years, I have been producing music using the Digital Audio Workstation and Recording Studio to accompany film, dance, songwriting, composition and live performance. Most recently I worked and studied in varied disciplines that include the Philippine Rondalla and Gangsa, Swahili music and culture, and the Sanskrit language and the Devanagari script. I have toured North America performing my own musical creations as a frontman for a chart-topping Post-Punk band and worked extensively as a producer and sound engineer for award winning independent and major label recordings and film.