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Areej Alshammiry

Areej Alshammiry

Graduate Associate


Doctoral Student

Graduate Programme in Sociology, York University

Research Keywords:

Nation-state; citizenship; (im)migration; statelessness; Arab Gulf; Canada

Research Region(s):

Research Diaspora(s):

Asian Diaspora

Areej is a researcher, dcotoral student in Sociology, and a community activist. She researches, writes, advocates and consults on statelessness. Her work is inspired by post/de-colonial, Marxist, abolitionist, Indigenous and anti-racist feminist frameworks. She is interested in exploring the colonial, careceral, capitalist, racial and patriarchal foundations of the nation-state, citizenship, (im)migration and statelessness in the context of the Arab Gulf and Canada.

Coming from a stateless background herself, she is a member of growing global network comprised of activists, NGOs and academics working on statelessness. Outside the world of academia and research, Areej enjoys hiking, cooking, cross-fit, soccer, gardening, reading, travelling, and cuddling with her cats.