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Kaede Ashizawa

Kaede Ashizawa

Graduate Associate


Master's Student

Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture

Research Keywords:

Asian diaspora; transgenerational inheritance, dissipation or transformation; diasporic youth; identity politics; modern media

Research Region(s):

Research Diaspora(s):

Asian Diaspora

I am a MA student in the Communications and Culture program, a chair of the 2023 IS|CS Conference, interpreter and translator. My research focuses on the Asian diaspora and how transgenerational inheritance, dissipation or transformation of heritage, values and knowledge systems are observed in these communities. More specifically, I am interested in these observations among diasporic youth and their manifestations in identity politics and relationships with modern media. By studying the hybridity of diasporic identity and culture, my goal is to challenge dominant narratives and prejudice surrounding how “being Asian” is represented and projected in our society.