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Monique Attrux

Monique Attrux

Graduate Associate

Doctoral Student

Graduate Programme in English, York University

Research Keywords:

Chinese Canadian literature; Asian Canadian literary theory; diasporic theory; postcolonialism; multilingualism; Hakka literature; Canada; China

Research Region(s):

China, East Asia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan

Research Diaspora(s):

Asian Diaspora

Monique Attrux is a doctoral student in the English Department at York University. Her research focuses on the role of language in the production and reception of Chinese Canadian English prose fiction. She is interested in whether the presence or simulations of Chinese in these texts function as critical interventions against cultural amnesia and assimilation. Her research also looks at how language engages with the evolving subjectivities and positionalities of Chinese Canadians. Her research also pays special attention to Hakka Canadian English prose fiction, which she believes is seminal to Global Hakka Studies, even though most of the texts are neither written in Hakka nor explicitly Hakka.