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Asia, BRICS and the Emerging World

This Research Program studies the main trends and patterns in the political economy and development of Asia, the "BRICS" nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and the emerging world. Attention is given to whether we are seeing a shift in the global balance of power, new vulnerabilities, and institutional innovations - and the consequences for scholarship and policy, especially where we need to adjust our interpretive tools and policy instruments.

The Program consists of three main project areas: (1) power shifts in international monetary relations; (2) rising creditors in global finance; and related (3) global governance reforms, especially the creation of new international institutions, and the adaptation of established international organizations.

This Second Phase builds on Phase 1 (2006-2013), which studied the emergence of the BRICS, from a range of political economy and geopolitical perspectives. The focus was on whether and how the ascent of the rising states affected: 1) Great Power relations; 2) less developed countries of the Global South; and 3) regional integration and cooperation. Phase 1 was supported financially by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and the Vice President for Research and Innovation, York University

This research program is directed by Dr. Gregory T. Chin, Department of Political Science at York University.

Recent Activities

Presentation on Canada's Renminbi Hub, hosted by Export Development Canada & Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, November 2016

Presentation to the Department of Finance Canada, on Green Finance - China as Global Financial Innovator, Ottawa, October 2016

SSHRC-supported Workshop on Canada & China in the Pacific Century, Carleton University, Ottawa, October 2016

UC Berkeley Workshop on Shaping a New Political-Economic Order in the Asia-Pacific, University of California Berkeley, October 2016

UNCTAD-GEGI Boston University Workshop on Development Finance Institutions of the South, Boston, October 2016

Shanghai Forum presentation on China & the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Fudan University, Shanghai, May 2016

GEGI-BU Hosts Talk on China's Rising Economic Statecraft, Boston University, Pardee School of Global Studies, April 2016

GEGI-Brookings Workshop on National Development Banks & Sustainable Infrastructure, Boston University,
Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, November 2015

FPI Workshop on China and Developing Countries. Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Foreign Policy Institute, October 2015

Research discussions (and presentation) at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2015

American Political Science Association, Annual Conference 2015, San Francisco, Roundtable on the Future of the Yuan, September 2015

Latest Publications

G.T. Chin and Ismael B. Diaz, "Brazil's Rise in Regional and Global Governance: From Ideational to Institutional Innovation", International Organisations Research Journal, forthcoming 2016.

G.T. Chin and Hugo Dobson, "China's Presidency of the G20 Hangzhou: On Global Leadership and Strategy", Global Summitry, March 2016.

G.T. Chin, "Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Governance Innovation and Prospects", Global Governance, January-March 2016.

G.T. Chin, "China's Bold Economic Statecraft", Current History, September 2015.

G.T. Chin, "China and the World Bank: The Long Decade of Realignment", in Carla Freeman (ed.), Handbook on China and Developing Countries (Edward Elgar, 2015).

G.T. Chin, "The BRICS-Led Development Bank", Global Policy, September 2014.

Related Research

"Greening Development Finance in the Americas," Fei Yuan and Kevin P. Gallagher, Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI) Report, December 2015

"China's Partnerships Could Lead the Way," Daniel Poon (ILO) and Richard Kozul-Wright (UNCTAD), Australia National University, December 2015

"The Great Fallout: Why China's Slowing Trade is Sending Shock Waves Through the World," Sandra Heep and Mikko Huotari, MERICS Analysis, 2015

"How Likely is a Financial Crisis in China?" Patrick Hess, The Diplomat, November 2015

"US Asia Strategy: Emerging Risks for the Next US President - Insights from Professor Carla Freeman," The Diplomat, September 2015

India and the MDGs, Nagesh Kumar (UNESCAP Team Leader), United Nations, 2015

"Latin America Can Aid China's Transition," Jorge Heine, China Daily, May 2015

"China's Economic Challenges: Grappling with a 'New Normal'," Wang Yong, Global Asia, December 2014

American Power After the Financial Crisis, Jonathan Kirshner (Cornell University Press 2014).

Reaching Across the Pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century, Cynthia Arnson and Jorge Heine (with Christine Zaino), Woodrow Wilson Center, Report on the Americas, No. 33, 2014

"A Crude Awakening: Revisiting the Political Economy of Oil in Africa," Garth Le Pare, The Thinker, 2014

"How Representative are BRICS?" Ramesh Thakur, Third World Quarterly, 2014

"Will History Repeat Itself?: Lessons for the Yuan," Benjamin J. Cohen, ADBI Working Paper No. 453, January 2014

"Assessing China's Relations with Africa," Hany Besada, African Development, 2013

"A Bretton Woods Moment?: The 2007-2008 Crisis and the Future of Global Finance," Eric Helleiner, in International Affairs, May 2010

The Dragon in the Room: China & The Future of Latin American Industrialization, Kevin Gallagher and Robert Porzecanski (Stanford University Press 2010)

"Banking on Africa: Chinese Financial Institutions and Africa," Riaan Meyer and Chris Alden, South African Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA) Occssional Paper No. 14, 2008

"Do the Asian Drivers Pull Their Diplomatic Weight?: China, India and the United Nations," Andrew Cooper and Thomas Fues, World Development, 2008

Policy Engagement

Policy discussion with the Department of Finance Canada, Ottawa, 31 October 2016

Policy discussion with the Consulate General of China (Toronto), YCAR, 12 April 2016

Policy discussion on "China in Africa" with Global Affairs Canada, Ottawa, 5 November 2015

Policy discussion with Denmark National Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 October 2015

Policy discussion with Export Development Canada, Ottawa, 6 March 2015

Policy discussion with German Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin, Germany, 4 February 2015

Policy discussion with UK Treasury, London, Britain, 6 December 2014

Recent Media

"Global Markets Plummet", CBC The National, 4 January 2016

"IMF Offers Glimpse of the Future as Yuan Joins Ranks of Top Global Currencies", Nathan VanderKlippe, The Globe & Mail, 1 December 2015

"Push for Greater Role in Economic Decision-Making", Fu Jing, China Daily (Europe Edition), 13 November 2015

"Trudeau Victory May Bolster Chances for FTA with China", Paul Welitzkin, China Daily (USA), 21 October 2015

"Demise of the US Ex-Im Bank", Gregory Chin and Kevin Gallagher, The Financial Times, 22 June 2015

"BRICS Nations Reach Historic Accord", Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew, Toronto Star, 15 July 2014