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Other Diplomacies: The Making of Canadian-Asian Relations

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This research programme examines how Canadian-Asian relations, broadly understood, have and are being constituted by diverse, complex social connections, processes and practices involving non-state actors. Attention to these societal actors moves the analysis of Canadian-Asian diplomatic relations beyond interpretations that give sole attention or primacy to states and official diplomacies. Using the idea of “other diplomacies” in J. Marshall Beiers and Lana Wylie’s co-edited volume Canadian Foreign Policy in Critical Perspective (2010), the research explores the diplomatic relations and practices of non-state actors and the multiple, sometimes everyday sites where such relations occur. More

Programme co-organizers and principal researchers Susan Henders and Mary Young have published several articles explaining and illustrating the centrality of other diplomacies in Canadian-Asian relations past and present, including their 2012 Maureen Molot Best Paper Prize article. A special issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy on the research themes will be published in autumn 2016.

Principal Researchers: Mary Young and Susan Henders