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Supports Offered

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Research GPS Kickoff

Academic Director Luann Good Gingrich and Operations Manager Hajer Mirwali provided a detailed overview of Research GPS. Find a recording of the Kickoff and the presentation slides here.

Grant Information Sessions

Research Commons, in collaboration with relevant Faculties, will host information sessions on each of the four grants supported by the Research GPS program. Faculty Research Officers will provide an overview of the application process, and past award recipients will share their tips and tricks for developing a successful application. The information sessions will be held between May and June, and they are open to all faculty and research staff. Visit the Milestones page for up-to-date details on the timing of these events.

GPS Specialists

The most prominent feature of Research GPS is the opportunity for intensive one-on-one coaching with a GPS Specialist, who is an experienced grant writer and/or editor with knowledge and expertise of the relevant Tri-Council funding program. Researchers will be matched with a GPS Specialist to work with throughout the duration of the program. As you develop your grant proposal, you will hold regular consultations with your Specialist to receive guidance and editing support, as well as work together to integrate feedback from your Peer Reviewers. Researchers should coordinate their proposal development with their Faculty Research Officer, who can also provide technical and budget support.

How you consult with your Specialist and Research Officer is up to you, whether you meet in person or virtually, or communicate by email. Please note that organizing meetings and initiating communications with the GPS Specialist is the researcher's responsibility.

Each researcher is offered up to 20 hours of one-on-one consultation time with a GPS Specialist, funded by Research Commons. Specialists report their hours to Research Commons, and we will keep track of the total consultation time.

Matching with a GPS Specialist (i.e., selecting a Specialist and confirming their availability) is one component of the registration process. More information on matching with a GPS Specialist can be found on the Registration page.

Peer Reviewers

A valuable component of Research GPS is the peer review process. To receive feedback from two Peer Reviewers, a complete draft of the grant proposal must be sent to Research Commons approximately 30 working days prior to the Faculty review deadline (see Milestones for specific funding program dates). Peer Reviewers are internal or external researchers that do not need to be arms-length to the participant.

Peer Reviewers will make comments on your draft proposal document and fill out an evaluation rubric that is adapted from the grant agency’s evaluation guidelines. The turnaround time for peer review is typically 20 working days. You will then integrate the Peer Reviewers’ feedback in consultation with your Specialist.

Peer Review Process

Please note the peer review process is facilitated by Research Commons, meaning researchers typically have no direct contact with Peer Reviewers.

You will provide a list of five suggested Peer Reviewers as part of your registration, and we will aim to secure two. We will send prospective Peer Reviewers your project concept note (which you will have submitted as part of your registration) to give them a sense of your research. Once they have confirmed their availability, we will let you know. During this time, we will also provide you a finalized timeline for your peer review process, including the date your draft proposal is due for peer review and the date(s) you can expect to receive feedback.

Researchers are expected to submit their proposal draft as a single Word document (budget not required), along with a CV, to Research Commons to be forwarded to the Peer Reviewers. If the funding agency for your grant requires a CCV as part of the application, please send this in place of the CV.

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