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Quinlan Lab

Dezadeash Lake, Yukon Territory

Dr. Roberto Quinlan

Associate Professor (*On leave, not accepting new students at this time)

Department of Biology, York University

My area of research specialization involves examining the chitinous subfossil remains of midges (Diptera: Chironomidae; “chironomids”) in lake and pond sediments, to generate paleoecological assessments of past aquatic ecosystem changes.  However, my research interests are broad, as I am interested in a breadth of paleoecological and ecological methods (including “real-time” environmental monitoring) and indicators (including algae (e.g. diatoms) and zooplankton (e.g. Daphnia and Chaoborus)) to examine aquatic ecosystem responses to a variety of human-induced stressors.  My research interests, and the projects undertaken by my graduate students, encompass numerous types of aquatic systems, ranging from embayments of the Laurentian Great Lakes in southern Canada to shallow ponds in the northern tip of the Canadian High Arctic.