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Graduate Programs

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1 Year

Our MA program is dedicated to further exploration of mathematics and statistics, and to the practical application of these methods. Alumni go on to further graduate studies (PhD level) or highly successful industry careers.

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MSc in Applied and Industrial Mathematics

2 Years

The M.Sc. program offers the opportunity to experience research in applied mathematics.  Research areas include a broad range of fields from industry, finance, biology, disease and climate.  

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4 Years

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a full-time program at the PhD level allowing students to focus on numerous subfields of mathematics and statistics.

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Financial Engineering Diploma

Students also have the opportunity to complete a graduate diploma in Financial Engineering (joint with Schulich School of Business).

The Financial Engineering Diploma is a collaborative program established in 1998 in cooperation with the Schulich School of Business. The Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering is a concurrent program offered to MBA students in the Schulich School of Business and to MA students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Students who obtain the Graduate Diploma in Financial Engineering concurrently with an MA in Mathematics and Statistics get the best from both worlds: rigorous training in Mathematics offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics coupled with several specialized courses in Mathematical Finance offered by the Schulich School of Business. This unique combination opens doors to many exciting careers in the Financial Industry all over the world.